Mulakia Tomb


IV-III sec. BC

The tomb was discovered and immediately looted in 1938 during excavations carried out for the extraction of sandstone blocks. Some of the material related to the grave goods, initially recovered, were then dispersed.

On the small access pitch there are three sepulchral complexes: the one on the left has two classic funeral beds on the sides and has the back wall with the beginning of the excavation of a tunnel never completed, while the right and the central one are both formed by a tunnel on whose sides are dug the burial niches arranged on three levels. On the left side of the central chamber is engraved the funerary title Mulakia, a female courtesy to be put in relation to the bell area. In 2007, during a thorough cleaning campaign, an intact burial was found in the floor of the left room.

The tomb is unique in the panorama of underground tombs as the organization of burials in galleries appears more similar to the much more recent catacombs than to the contemporary chamber tombs of Latium or of Etruria.


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