known as “Vallo Volsco”


VIII sec. BC

The primitive settlement of Anzio is located on the hill corresponding to the current district of Santa Teresa and is certainly attributable to Latin populations as evidenced by the oldest burials located in Viale Severiano and along the coastal road, between the Santa Barbara barracks and the coast line. To this settlement must be reported the emergencies related to the first fortifications of the city that are locally called "Vallo Volsco": works of regularization of the sandstone wall on the west side; stretches of walls in sandstone blocks on the north side; deep interventions with defensive cuts on the east side. As we know from ancient sources, between the end of the sixth and the beginning of the fifth century BC, the Volsci, population coming from northern Campania occupied part of the Latin territories along a front comprised between Velitrae (Velletri), Satricum (Borgo le Ferriere) and Antium giving rise to a long conflict against Rome that ended only in 338 BC with the defeat of Anzio in the naval battle of Astura.


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